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Pre-Purchase Examinations

horse vetBuying a horse? Getting a Pre-Purchase examination beforehand is ideal to give you peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than buying a new horse then finding it has an issue you didn’t know about. Our equine vet performs these examinations at Barge Park on a regular basis. The vet can include other tests such as X-Rays or blood tests if you request them.


Lameness Diagnosis

There are many reasons why a horse can go lame. Our vets are able to come to your property for an examination, and provide the treatment they think is the best for your animal.

Endoscope Examinations

Our Vets are able to perform endoscopic examinations to help diagnose any respiratory problems your horse or pony may have.


We have a Digital X-Ray machine which allows our equine vet to do equine xrays efficiently, eliminating the long wait for images to be processed. It also enables us to perform xrays on site when necessary, such as the racetrack or stables.

Ultrasound Scanning