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Avoiding The Hurt of Haemonchus (Barber’s Pole Worm)

Whilst other worm species only compete with their host for nutrition, Haemonchus species, like Barber’s Pole, actually rob their host of nutrition.

Known as Barber’s Pole because of the red gut spirals around the white uterus in the females, these blood sucking parasites steal nutrition from their host to such a degree that death may occur.

Haemonchus requires relatively high temperatures for development and this is why it’s such a devastating issue in Northland over summer and autumn. Larvae numbers can build extremely fast, leading to heavy infestations and the sudden onset of illness and death.  Lambs are the most susceptible where acute infections may lead to anaemia and death before the worms even reach reproductive maturity.

The best way to combat Haemonchus is to talk with us about the appropriate drench options.

Thanks to Merial Ancare for the use of this article