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Bobbi the Calf

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My name is Bobbi the calf. I arrived on a very wet night on the first of August. My mum and I are so lucky to have a great owner called Dave as when it was daylight he picked me up. I was so cold I had not been able to suck as well as I should and he took me to a warm shed where I was able to get some nice fresh colostrum straight away. Apparently I need a litre, or so the rest of my mates tell me! And I need it in the first 8 hours.

My new home the calf shed is warm and dry. It’s great with wood shavings 8 inches deep. I have plenty of room to spread out and move around. I always have some water and roughage to chew on. I do get a good feed of milk from my mum and other cows twice a day and so I am very lucky. And I have a few mates.

My doctor arrived the other day. Apparently he needed to see me. He gave be a jab in the behind and I don’t remember much after that. I woke up and the cheeky bugger had burnt off my horn buds that I was so proud of. He had given me my first shots as well. Blackleg and   Leptospirosis – don’t know what these are but they sound nasty. I am socially acceptable now! He also took off an extra teat that I had on my baby udder. Didn’t feel a thing!

The poor boys though, had a rubber ring placed on their pouches while they slept. Probably best they were asleep!

Oh well no drama. Where’s the milk!

This meal I have been getting is making me feel a bit stronger and I don’t mind nibbling at hay at all. Watch out mum! I’ll be eating grass soon.

I’m growing so fast that I am almost 80 kg and have been on grass these last few sunny days. The grass is very good quality and I am starting to enjoy it heaps. But Dave has started cutting my milk back. Bugger, but I suppose I have to grow up sometime.

Thanks to mum, Dave and thanks to the Doctor I am off to a good start. They tell me my Doctor’s name is Ross Woods and he gave me permission to mention him in this story.


Call the Northland Veterinary Group to discuss humane calf disbudding and early vaccination. Phone 4701060.