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Dry Cow Therapy Considerations

Dry Cow Therapy Considerations

Every herd’s mastitis situation, and therefore the control approach to be taken, differs, including the use of Dry Cow Therapy. For this reason the antibiotics used are Restricted Veterinary Medicines that can only be prescribed after a Milk Quality consultation with a Vet.

Dry Cow Therapy is used for three reasons:

To cure existing infections:

i.e. cows with cell counts over 150,000 at any stage of lactation (and heifers over 120,000), or cows that had repeat mastitis cases during the year. Best cure rates are achieved by long antibiotic therapy so the longer acting the DCT, the better.

Products: Cepravin, Cefamaster, Cloxamp 600 (Cepravin remains the gold standard – my personal choice would be Cepravin, then Cefamaster, then Cloxamp 600)

To prevent new infections during the dry period:

Most infections usually occur during the first 4 weeks of the dry period, but some herds have problems later on.

Short-acting Dry Cow Therapy covers the first 4 weeks.

Products: Cloxamp 500

If longer cover required, either long acting DCT or TeatSeal, or a short-acting + TeatSeal. NB Discuss with us if considering TeatSeal alone.

Products: Cepravin, Cefamaster, Cloxamp 600, TeatSeal for longer cover, Cloxamp 500 for 4 weeks cover.

To Prevent Early Season Mastitis:

Long-Acting DCT – Cepravin will reduce early season mastitis by 70%, on average, used on its own. Other long- acting DCT may possibly do the same.

TeatSeal will achieve similar results, as will short-acting DCT plus TeatSeal. NB Discuss with us if considering TeatSeal alone.

Withholding Period: In a season where the dry period is short, product withholding times can be critical:

Product: Withholding: Price:

Cepravin: Meat 30 days, Milk 49 days + 8 milkings

Cefamaster: Meat 30 days, Milk 56 days + 8 milkings

Cloxamp 600: Meat 30 days, Milk 49 days + 8 milkings

Cloxamp 500: Meat 21 days, Milk 30 days + 8 milkings

TeatSeal: Meat: NIL, Milk 8 milkings post calving

Angus Campbell