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Is Your Wormer Working?

You can find out if the current worming program you are on is working, by bringing in a sample for us to send to the lab for testing. You can stop in at any one of our clinics and collect sample pottles, or bring the sample in to Hikurangi or Maunu Rd in a clean sealed container.

Sample jar

Sample jar

Please call the clinic to discuss the costs involved with testing.

What is the benefit of doing a Faecal Egg Count:  Doing Faecal egg counts will ensure that your worming programme is effective.  It is a great weapon in the battle against worms and indeed can save you money. Doing regular worm egg counts is a great intelligence tool and can be a helpful guide to enable strategic worming practices.  We encourage horse owners to incorporate FEC’s into their worming programme. Testing regular dung samples will enable the identification of the horses and ponies that have a worm burden – only these horses will then be treated. In the long run, this will save you money and is a healthier option for both the horse and the environment.