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Paws & Claws Autumn 2018

 Autumn Reminders

Canine Cough

We have another outbreak of Canine Cough in Whangarei at the moment.  Ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date for Canine Cough as it is highly contagious.

 Fleas and Worms

It has been a huge season for fleas, they have loved the heat and humidity!  Keep using flea treatment at the recommended interval even through the winter months to prevent large infestations in spring.

Have you wormed your pets recently?  Adult dogs and cats should be wormed every three months throughout their lives.  Come and talk to us about the most suitable product for your pet.

 Warm Bedding

The weather is cooling down.  Older pets will benefit from thick foam mattresses and warm bedding.  We have some options in our showroom.

Rabbit Vaccination

If you are a rabbit owner you need to seriously think about vaccinating your rabbit against calicivirus. A new strain of this virus is being released soon in the South Island to control feral rabbits, and it won’t be long before it also gets to the North Island.

We will run rabbit vaccination clinics on the second Tuesday each month for a few months at our Maunu Rd clinic, by appointment only. Click here for other measures to reduce the risk of your rabbit catching calicivirus.

Puppy Preschool

After a gap of a few months, we now have Puppy Preschool running again. Click here for more info.

Does Your Cat Have Urinary Problems?

With a change in the seasons we see an increase in the number of cats presenting with urinary problems.  Left untreated a urinary   problem can be life threatening.

What contributes to the onset of urinary problems?

Stress factors – May include – several cats in the household, high population of cats in the area, a new dog in the family or a baby,  visitors and changes in routine, moving house, changes in seasons or a spell of bad weather.

Home environment – May include  – cats living mainly indoors,  being shut indoors without access to toileting outside, no litter trays or soiled litter trays, lack of fresh water or unsuitable containers.

Body condition – Overweight males in particular are more prone to this condition.

Any of these are indications that veterinary advice should be sought urgently.

If your cat appears constipated, is not urinating normally or has discomfort while urinating,      a urinary  blockage may be the cause.                          

         A URINARY BLOCKAGE IS AN EMERGENCY                                    

Ways to reduce stress for your cat

Encourage your cat to play and to spend time outdoors.

Have clean litter trays available.  An adult cat needs a litter tray to be large and sturdy.  Most litter trays are intended for kittens – an adult cat needs a tray that is one and half times his length! Place the trays in discrete locations rather than busy areas.

Have enough litter trays, one per cat in the household plus one extra.  Ensure they are cleaned as soon as possible after use as adult cats are reluctant to re-use a soiled tray.

Provide private sleeping places in high places and sturdy scratch poles that allow your cat to stretch up to full length.

Feed a good quality cat food.  Monitor your pet’s weight to ensure they are not gaining weight excessively.  If you suspect a weight increase arrange a nurse appointment to discuss diet and monitor weight.

Have large bowls of fresh water available inside the home and outside the home.  Keep the water clean and have bowls wider than the cats whiskers, some cats are sensitive to their whiskers touching the edges of small bowls.

Illustrations courtesy of Hills

Hills Prescription  Diet-Urinary Care

Your vet will recommend a Hill’s Prescription Diet food to meet your cat’s specific needs. These foods contain different combinations of nutrients and minerals to help dissolve crystals/stones and help control recurrence.

From time to time it may be necessary to change from one food to another in the Hill’s  Prescription Diet  cat food urinary category. Your vet will make the appropriaterecommendation.