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Pregnancy Scanning

As the breeding season draws to a close hopefully all the mares you wished to breed this season have been confirmed in foal.

We strongly advise pregnancy scanning your mares after breeding at approximately 16-20 days after the last date of service (LDS). This is when twins can be detected and resolved, but also it saves you, as the owner, time wondering if she is in foal.

If she isn’t in foal you can get a good idea about when she will cycle again and therefore be rebred, without wasting time. Most pregnancy scans are done at Dave’s in Vinegar Hill, where he has a lovely safe crush set up.

If you have any questions regarding breeding and scanning your mares contact David Cairns or Jessica Main at the clinic.

Blood tests can also detect pregnancies, but only from 100+ days after LDS.

David also provides pre-breeding scanning, breeding soundness exams and AI breeding (Frozen and chilled).

Pre-planning for next season is advisable for a positive outcome—getting your mare in foal!