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Tetanus Vaccinations

Vaccinating your horse, is one of those things where you often wonder “Should I or shouldn’t I”.

In the case of Tetanus it is highly recommended, and we can start you up on a vaccination program with a built in reminder system.

What is tetanus?

Tetanus is caused by infection of wounds with spores of the Clostridium tetani bacteria, which are found in soils contaminated with animal manure. Horses are susceptible to tetanus which is a serious disease when it occurs, causing nervous system signs and often results in death.

Routine vaccination offers excellent protection against disease. Currently we use Equivac T.

The recommended programme for tetanus vaccination is:

Tetanus Vaccine-Equivac T

Tetanus Vaccine-Equivac T

Initial vaccination course:

For all young stock and adults with lapsed or unknown vaccination history:

  • Two vaccinations are given, four weeks apart, from three months of age, although often this initial course is given at weaning time.
  • A third vaccination is given at no more than 1 year from the second vaccination.
  • This results in long lasting immunity and boosters should be given at least once every 3 to 5 years.

Broodmare vaccination:

  • Vaccinate the mare 4-6 weeks before foaling to boost the colostral antibodies and therefore help provide the foal with immunity from birth.