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Tick Control

With tick season just around the corner, we have seen an increase in horse owners looking for solutions for this age old problem. We do stock a number of products to help you get through the season.

Permoxin is a very effective product at reducing established infestations but does need to be applied daily and after rain showers.  It can be sponged or sprayed over the body once diluted to the               manufacturer’s recommendations.

Python ear tags have also been used in horses by some but these are designed for deer and are not     licensed for use in horses.  They are best applied to head-collars or edges of rugs near the head and legs.

A new product that we have managed to source for the first time is the Insect Repellent Collar.

The Repellent Collars can be placed behind the ears for slow repellent release giving up to 6 weeks protection.  The collars have a quick release system in case they get caught up in fencing etc, although we rarely hear of this being a problem.

The Equi7 repellent collar for horses contains a blend of natural ingredients that will effectively repel flies, mosquitoes and ticks from horses for up to three to four weeks. The natural active ingredients migrate and spread across the surface of the entire horse’s body. Through a process of evaporation the ingredients create an environment that protects the whole body of the horse and the rider.”