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Young stock are your future!

metrichecking calvesKeep them growing on target with good parasite control.

Don’t forget to drench young stock over summer. This wetter weather we were having, while keeping the threat of drought at bay, will do wonders for worm larval survival on pasture, so regular drenching of young stock continues to be important, using a COMBINATION product – every 28 days for oral drenches, every 6-8 weeks (depending on the situation) for pour-ons. We recommend Genesis Eclipse Pour on and Matrix (3 way) or Switch C (2 way) oral combo drenches.

For stock 18 months and over, we now stock CATTLE POUR, the abamectin pour – on at an extremely competitive price (supplied by Merial Ancare).

For those wanting the best for their dairy replacements and beef animals over 18 moths, we also have great deals on the gold standard EPRINEX POUR-ON, and the new NEXEPRIN MICROJECT eprinomectin low-dose cattle injection from Alleva (just 5 ml / 500 kg animal)

For properties with Liver Fluke the oral COMBAT FLUKECARE PLUS drench remains the best product – does everything Fasinex does PLUS a general worming with oxfendazole all for the same price. For hard-to drench stock, or where facilities are not ideal, GENESIS ULTRA POUR-ON is the preferred method of fluke control.