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Detect dirty cows early

Dirty cows cost you income by not cycling or conceiving, leading to fewer days in milk and a higher empty …

Copper deficiency in cattle

copper deficiency

Copper levels have to be low for several months before deficiency signs are noted, so the aim is to maintain …

Strategies for reducing environmental mastitis

environmental mastitis

Some strategies that can help reduce environmental mastitis are: Teat Spraying – all quarters, every milking, all season. Cover the …

Jamie Woods

Director & Production Animal Vet

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Companion Animal Vet

Alan Wilkinson Mackie

Companion Animal Vet

Angus Campbell

Director & Production/Companion Animal Vet

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Companion Animal Vet

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Companion Animal Vet

Body condition dry off targets

With herds (hopefully) drying off in April or May, NOW is the time to assess condition score and ensure your …